Stefan Kanev

Stefan Kanev

Stefan Kanev loves everything about programming. He has been working with Java, Python and PHP, but eventually he found himself at home with Ruby. He has been doing the corporate thing, the start-up thing and the agency thing, but currently he is working in a small consultancy with a couple of dear friends.

He loves all programming languages equally (well, almost). Over the last couple of years he has been developing a deep fascination for everything that appears in the fringe like Haskell, Clojure and Io. Stefan Kanev loves learning and he teaches regularly, sometimes at the University of Sofia, sometimes elsewhere.

As an avid Vimmer, Stefan Kanev spends most of his life in the terminal. He loves his awesome (as in the window manager) desktop as much as he loves his Macintosh (as in the computer, not the apple) laptop. When he is not working, Stefan Kanev tends to spend his time optimizing his workflow in various ways.

We welcome Stefan Kanev to I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2015 in Bucharest and we’re looking forward for an awesome gathering.