Krzysztof Szabelski

Krzysztof Szabelski

Software Engineer at Future Processing

Krzysztof Szabelski likes to say about himself “half man, half developer”. The developer’s half constantly chases new technologies and climbs the heights of programming artistry, while the man half works hard to use those technical skills in most effective way and spread them among other developers.

Krzysztof Szabelski has always valued programming craft over particular technologies. Regularly attended conferences and meetups to get inspired how other programmers organize their work. In exchange for this Krzysztof Szabelski tries to inspire others about value of Extreme Programming practices. Most of his career worked with .NET platform, but love to work with something new to learn new programming approaches, currently dynamic languages give him lot of joy in the free time.
Professionally, Krzysztof Szabelski is internal technical advisor at Future Processing, helping multiple teams to archive their goals of delivering quality software to customer.
Privately, a traveler, and explorer of cultural differences and motorcycles lover.

We welcome Krzysztof Szabelski to I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2015 in Bucharest and we’re looking forward for an awesome gathering.