Igor Popov

Igor Popov

Release Engineer at NAPA Romania

Software Craftsman and Release Engineer at NAPA.

After working a couple of years as a developer, Igor Popov discovered he likes to focus more on build and release engineering. His role is to support all NAPA software development teams (from Finland, India and Romania) by removing technical impediments connected with the software development infrastructure (cross-team tools for source code management, build scripts etc.)

Igor Popov is passionate about writing quality code and reducing the technical debt. He acts as a mentor for software development practices and takes initiative to organize events to enhance the knowledge sharing inside NAPA (first internal code retreat, Craftsman sessions, internal trainings, Tech Talk blog, internship mentor). Thanks to his servant leadership skills and constant attention to improvement, he was selected by his team as Scrum Master.

His other passion besides software is reading technical, science-fiction and psychology books.

We welcome Igor Popov to I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2015 in Bucharest and we’re looking forward for an awesome gathering.

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