Aki Salmi

Aki Salmi

Software Developer, Supervisor (self-employed) at Ambientia

Aki Salmi is a hiking guide of Suomen Latu and soon-to-become hiking guide trainer. Within a year, Aki Salmi also has yet another profession, that of supervisor.

Aki does not believe in magic – he makes it happen. And the magic often embodies practices on how to inspire the teams he works with to do their best. Together, as a team. And in that one crucial aspect is the feeling of being listened to.

As when Aki is doing things he loves while earning some money out of it, he works as programmer at Ambientia. While in the future, you might see Aki working as supervisor in organization far and away from the IT industry. Helping teams to find meaning and joy to their work.

For Aki Salmi, work is about learning, learning is collaboration.

We welcome Aki Salmi to I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2015 in Bucharest and we’re looking forward for an awesome gathering.