Microservices and Web Components Are The Same Thing

Thu 10:50 - 11:25
You don't need a laptop
Caleano 1+2


Microservices and web components are two of the next Next Big Steps for modern software development, for the server and client side respectively. Although involving quite different new tools and techniques though, in reality both of these developments share a common development practices heritage, as extensions of the same forward trend of good software design principles.

In this talk we’ll first take a careful look at what on earth microservices and web components really are, and examine how you’d build an example web application using both of them. We’ll then discuss their shared underlying heritage, why these shared principles make both concepts so powerful in practice, and how you can use that more generally to design great applications in future in general.

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Audience Learnings:

Learn what web components and microservices are, where and why they might be useful, how you could use them, and why the shared principles behind them are important to you when developing software generally, with or without these approaches.


Intro, walk through web components, show example web application, explain structure of the web components in the code for the example web application. Walk through microservices and the challenges/benefits involved, examine the backend of example web application, look at how the microservices hook together and how they’re implemented. Talk about principles in common between both approaches, and discuss how the emergent properties these principles create can be useful when designing things more generally.


Some knowledge of HTML & JavaScript would be very useful (example application is all written in JavaScript, as is most of the web components explanation code). High-level talk concepts are all understandable without, but details will be harder to follow. Some experience developing web services generally is probably required too, to understand where the value of this lies.

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