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There are hundreds, if not thousands metrics that can be gathered on projects, the main question is why it should be gathered – what value it brings to team members.
During our session we will talk about: velocity, capacity, requirements stability index and burn-down chart. All these metrics are gathered on projects I coach and it is teams’ intention to calculate and use it.
All these metrics are methodology agnostic. Although, you can say that e.g. velocity is relevant only for Scrum project where story points are used for estimation, on one hand it’s correct statement, but on the other velocity is not about story points, but about understanding how much we as a team managed to accomplish during previous iterations/Sprints and it helps to make a forecasting on how much we can do during the next phases using empirical approach.

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Audience Learnings

I would like to share my practical experience about metrics gathering and usage on Agile projects.
I will talk about capacity and velocity, how to use each of it on practice, why better to use both, what are the benefits of this usage for the development team and management.
I will also investigate requirement stability index. Why the development team and not only business analysts or Product Owners need to know it.
I will discuss also a burn-down chart and answer the question whether this chart should always go down or there can be variants. Moreover, what useful information this chart can contain apart from the burn-down and ideal lines.
I will also answer the main question I’m regularly asked in teams – why it is necessary to log work time on daily basis.

There is no rocket science about the metrics that I wish to talk about, though in every team I coach there are questions on it and I would like to provide clear and simple vision how to use it and why it is useful.


1) Overview of metrics we discuss during the session – why these metrics are chosen
2) velocity and capacity overview with examples on practice
3) requirements stability index with examples on practice
4) burn-down chart with examples on practice
5) logging work time on daily basis is necessary to the team, not management
6) Q/A



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