Experience frequent product delivery with peers like you

Whether you are interested to get your hands dirty with code, or to bring improvement ideas to a software product, there’s a Product Development Track along the I T.A.K.E. Unconference. Join, stay, leave or return anytime you want during the 2-day program.



Why would you do product development during a Software Craftsmanship Unconference?

Short answer: To experience live Software Craftsmanship practices.
Long Answer: Skeptical the 2-day unconference result can be a demo for a working software product?

Join the team producing live software, experience the agile development process, and contribute in short increments, with peers like you, spending as much time as you choose. Whenever you check the Product Development track, you’ll find there either the organizing team:

  • the facilitator,
  • the Product Owner,
  • the Technical Leader,

or the contributors to the development:

  • participants,

playing with Software Craftsmanship practices while developing a product. Whether you come to code, test, or add to the Product Backlog, all contributions will lead to a product launch by the end of 2nd day.

How? – Here’s Your Experience:

You can join this track anytime and work with the team as long as you want. To get started fast, they will help you get productive and waste no time. Just choose an iteration and work on an increment during a short timebox.

The organizing team prepares up-front: the Web App Idea and Name, the Initial Product Backlog and a Walking Skeleton. The Product Backlog will be refined by the Product Owner and the Walking Skeleton from where the development starts will be assured beforehand by the Technical Leader. Further contribute to the software product up to your will.

How can you contribute:

  • write code
  • write automated tests
  • build UI/UX
  • implement features
  • test features
  • do exploratory test
  • develop the backlog further
  • just bring ideas or any feedback
Join the friendly atmosphere with all needed visual artifacts around the walls for an easy to follow development process.

The chosen technologies for development are:

  • Java 8 as development language;
  • Gradle and Grunt for build automation;
  • Spring framework with Sprint Boot and JPA over Hibernate for backend development;
  • Bootstrap and Jquery for UI development;
  • Junit, Mockito, Karma, Jasmine for unit testing;
  • Git for version control;
  • Travis CI for continuous integration.

To quickly become productive, please install: Java 8, Gradle, Grunt and Git.

Don’t miss the Product Development as well as many other hands-on sessions at I T.A.K.E. Unconference happening in Bucharest on 28-29 May 2015.



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